Re-Roofing Specialists

We share a very special bond. Many of us became acquainted more than 20 years ago, following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. After helping to rebuild businesses and homes of many Commercial and residential properties that were destroyed by the second costliest hurricane in U.S history, we continued to work on behalf of major roofing companies in South Florida. During all this time, we mastered our craft and became among the best in the business.

Qualified Staff

Through out the years we are working in South Florida, our Crews and Supervisors have been trained on the “field” by facing and troubleshoot all kinds of problems that could occur in our Industry. Then towards their individual skillset, each has been allocated in the type and part of roofing that performs the best.

Along with this, we follow training courses from major Roofing Manufactures of our country. (You can find logos of Qualification-Certification throughout our website)

Under that approach we are able to provide NoDollarLimit Manufacture Warranties on Material AND labor for any type of commercial project we called to get involved.


Residential and commercial roof replacement. Any type of roof, any slope, any size, any height, any substrate, any approach.

Specialized in all kinds of roofs and roofing applications. From traditional “rustic” barrel tile roofs to metal panel roofing. From traditional “hot tar” to Thermoplastic overlay, PVC, Silicone or “Green” roof.

We will rapidly respond to your Emergency call and be able to perform within 32 hours.

Our certified crews, trained and approved by the leading manufactures in the Industry will perform the right waterproofing application according your needs.

Reliable & Effective

We value any obligation, task or project we are undertaking like it belongs to our own family. When we will work in your property we will fully respect your privacy with total discretion. Our experience is helping us providing you an excellent warrantable product in a fast timely manner, while we respect your environment by keeping it constantly clean and the least possible affected by our performance.

Flat Roofing

There is not a flat roofing system that we haven’t mastered.

Specializing in new technology flat roofing systems, which are resulting in Environmental friendly Energy saving applications. We will examine your roof and provide the best solution for your situation and your needs.

Pitched Roofing

After installed numerous pitched roofs in South Florida region we perform in a quick, discrete and cost effective manner in order to deliver the shingle or tile roof of your liking in a competitive cost. Our confidence of our craftsmanship and attention to detail, lead us to provide the top warranties in our market.

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